Gyron relocates 300 servers and key network infrastructure for Titan Internet to new colocation space

Last weekend, we completed a server and infrastructure relocation project for Titan Internet, an existing colocation customer who has taken a significant amount of expansion space in our new colocation suite in the LHC.

Titan produced this time-lapse video taken from their old colocation site, which they’ve kindly let us post here:

[flv:gyron-titan-g4-server-move-512.flv 480 360]

Between 11PM Friday and 6AM Saturday, and 11PM Saturday and 6AM Sunday we relocated 300 servers and dozens of switches, routers and firewalls from their existing colocation space to our new suite. Servers were moved by own our team of 10 highly trained engineers, plus 3 Titan staff, and were moved in batches to ensure that no individual server was off-line for more than 4 hours.

We’re pleased to announce that the average period of downtime per server throughout the move was 2 hours, and the move was completed without a single instance of hardware failure.

If you would like more information on our range of managed datacenter services, including infrastructure relocation projects, please contact our sales team!

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